About Us

Communion Bakehouse is a family-owned and operated neighborhood restaurant that specializes in exemplary versions of updated classics. We believe that convivial discourse with family and friends over good food and drink should not be a luxury reserved for special occasions, but an every day ritual.

Ryan and Kat met in the pastry kitchen at SF's Boulevard, going on to accumulate over
30 years combined experience working in a range of restaurants, from beloved neighborhood joints (Screen Door, Firefly, Broken Record) to fine dining (Range, Quince, Campton Place, Bar Tartine) and others in-between (Jook Joint food truck, Google campus kitchen, Lewis and Clark College Bakery).


After experiencing the positive response to his Jook Joint food cart, Ryan and Kat were inspired to open a more permanent fixture in their own Westmoreland neighborhood, and Communion Bakehouse was born.